Types of Malware

As I mentioned in the previous post, my laptop was recently infected by a trojan virus designed to steal confidential information. From what I learned, it was developed specifically to steal authentication data such as IDs and passwords for bank and credit card websites. This was very disturbing and motivated me to do a little research on the scope of the malware problem today.  [Continue reading]

Malware Solutions

The purpose of this post is to document details about the trojan downloader malware that found its way onto my machine and sucked up more than a day of my time. I will describe the specific symptoms that manifested upon its arrival in case someone else has the same problem and comes across this article on a keyword search. I will also share the preventative measures I now have in place to avoid a repeat situation. I don’t assume that readers will automatically make the changes I am presenting here but, like me, many people like to get multiple perspectives before implementing something new or making a change so, for them, I hope this information is useful.  [Continue reading]

Malware Trends and Statistics

In addition to the huge negative financial impact malware has throughout the world (negative unless you are an antivirus software vendor), these insidious pieces of code also rob us of one of our most precious resources – time. Whether you are chasing a deadline at work or rushing to get your taxes done online, if your computer gets attacked by malware you are usually stopped cold until the problem is resolved.   [Continue reading]

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